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Welcome to College of Education Igueben.

College of Education Igueben, Edo State is an educational institution .College of Education Igueben,, Edo State is approved by National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) to award National Certificate in Education in various courses. It is located in Igueben, Edo State. The school is operating from its permanent site located in Igueben.

“To be the leading educational institution in Nigeria with adequate resources to offer quality training in middle-level manpower development to meet the nation’s social,  economic, scientific and technological challenges.”
“To offer excellent teaching that is practically oriented and to turn out quality graduates that  can be self-reliant and can contribute meaningfully in all areas of human endeavour.”
” To produce disciplined and quality graduates in academics disciplines both in theory and practice who can compete favourably with their counterparts from other similar institutions in   the employment market and work place.”